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About Us

Athledal [ath-lee-dal] is a sports marketing and management company that specializes in partnerships and the creation of unique brands and memorable sporting event experiences. Our focus is on the relationship between sports in the global economy and how that relationship creates opportunities for investment, innovation, and collaboration.



We create unique events and sporting experiences that have long-term sustainability and growth opportunity.

Consulting & Advisory

We deliver shorter-term solutions to defined problems that your business is currently facing with our consulting services. While our advisory services deal with more long-term issues. Both solutions transform businesses, helping them to improve their performance.

Value Add Acquisitions

We identify sports properties that we can apply our deep business operations experience and create additional value.

Our Brands

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TBC Web Logo.png
Mid-Major Cup Web logo.png
Athledal Foundation Web Logo.png

Contact Us

1207 Delaware Ave, Suite 841

Wilmington, DE 19806

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